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Office Cleaning

We have been in the domestic cleaning industry since 2004. During all these years a solid foundation was built. Providing home cleaning services in Bay Area is much more than finding the right cleaners. We understand your home is valuable to you, so we provide complete discretion, reliability, and most importantly – we walk the walk. All this means that your cleaner will be with you for the long run, committed and motivated, and the company will be behind you at any time, to provide support and assurance.

Nowadays to have a regular cleaning is not a luxury, but necessity and convenience for your private house or office. If you are looking for trustworthy and competent cleaners, we are the perfect option for you. We conduct a comprehensive vetting and background check to ensure the house and office keepers we introduce to you are reliable and trained in best practices. Our regular services are carrying out with accuracy and professional touch, so that we could best meet your cleaning demands.

Office Cleaning

We have tailored our private commercial and office cleaning service for offices owner, who want everything at they office space extremely clean. Regular dusting and vacuuming is enough for tidying up, but professional thorough cleaning ensures your office higher level of hygiene. We will degrease the kitchen appliances, sanitize the bathrooms and toilets and clean any neglected or hard to reach area.

We have specialized in builders cleaning as it is one of the most heavy-duty jobs. Post-construction cleaning is a huge challenge, but our cleaners are well prepared. No deadline is too tight for our team – we can provide the service in a timely fashion. This service combines the modern and traditional approach. Our cleaners are experienced and can always find the most convenient way to do the job. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our services.

move in Cleaning

Moving in a new property you never know what is hiding there. At TC Cleaning Experts we understand that your soon-to-be home’s hygiene is of utmost importance. This is why our cleaners are ready to get in the smallest crack in the property, in order to provide the complete cleanliness needed. From top to bottom, dealing with builders leftovers, paint spills, etc. We can make any property feel like your home.

Cleaning after all your stuff arrives isn’t the best option. This is why we can clean the property before you move there. We can make arrangements with the current owners of the property, so you can completely focus on your move. Book a move-in cleaning service from us and your worries are gone – every square inch of the property will be professionally cleaned and sanitized. Bear in mind our services are fully guaranteed and comprehensively insured – your satisfaction is a must, so if you have any remarks, we are available to hear from you and re-do the job free of charge.

Boat Cleaning

An essential way to maintain the value of the boat and to keep the boat looking good all year round. The TC Cleaning Experts boat and yacht wash ensures that your vessel remains fit for the high seas. We have many years experience of caring for boats. Our products are marine friendly and have been tested on many boats and yachts.

We recognize that it’s good to arrive for the weekend knowing that you will find your yacht gleaming so that you can enjoy using, rather than cleaning her. Also, that after a cruise or weekend aboard, you may prefer to leave us wash the bright work or even do the washing up!